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Priority goes to improving education standards among the schools in the county all the way from Early Child Development Education (ECDE). Enhancing transition rates by ensuring a reduction in school dropouts
Provision of a reliable school feeding programmes in primary and ECDE centers Develop and improve on the existing structures
Promote boarding and mobile schools in nomadic marginalized areas of the county.
Employ of competent ECDE teachers.
Facilitate and ensure accessibility of learning and teaching materials in ECDE areas.
Motivation of teachers and partnership with external education agencies. My department will facilitate the establishment of ECDE training center at Kapenguria ECDE teachers to improve access to education and enhance collaboration with all education stakeholders in the county.
Vocational Training will be enhanced through equipping all polytechnic facilities with modern tools and improve its status. This will empower youths with skills for self-reliance to reduce unemployment.

My office will also sensitize community on the importance of vocational training.
Also in the pipeline is the training of county officials with computer knowledge, network and connect all sub-counties to enhance communication, develop county website for easy access to information, do intercom connectivity with the county institutions, install safaricom boosters in various sections of the county with poor network to promote security.


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