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As a department, we are committed to delivering high-quality services to the county government and partners within and without the borders. We aspire to expand our focus from routinely inter-governmental coordination procedures, using third party peace mediation approaches and post-crisis intervention on disaster strikes to more cordial partner relationships, people centered peace building initiatives and crisis prevention.

We shall employ Disaster Risk Reduction strategies and Environmental management in our defense against a changing climate and other environmental hazards that pose a threat to human life and development. We are committed to provide protection to livelihoods from natural and human induced hazards. Besides, the department will work to provide data on disaster and risk reduction that will initiate a broad range of disaster mitigation measures. We will work closely with the humanitarian community through focusing on regions vulnerability to disasters, outmigration and social instability.

This department will also partner with international and national stakeholders on issues that foster good relationships with stakeholders for peaceful coexistence with neighboring communities and the mitigation of resource-based conflicts.
A county hazard mapping and contingency planning will be established to enable timely response to both natural and human-induced disasters within the county.

Preparedness measures will focus on pre-disaster activities, to reduce vulnerability of the community to adverse effect of disaster, conflicts and mistrust among our neighbours.The ministry is planning to procure firefighting equipment to help in mitigating fire out breaks in our urban centers, schools and residential areas.


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