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VISION: To be a socially accountable and distinct health system within the globe.

MISSION: To serve, educate, advocate for optimal equitable health services for development and improved livelihoods.
WE WILL BE GUIDED BY: The goal mission statement which focuses on organization and professional development which enhances success for all.
GOAL: Through team work, achieve all that appertains to health system and demands and be able to attain quality distinct competitive health units.

    Courtesy, patience, fairness, diligence, professionalism and tolerance.
    Building on individual and shared strengths.
    Helping each other to deal with weaknesses.
    Encouragement and mutual understanding.
    Respect for others’ opinions.

Strategic objectives

    To reduce the distance between health facilities to a minimum of 5kilometres apart.
    To scale up community strategy framework throughout the county.
    To facilitate the achievement and realization of the Millennium Development Goals and Vision 2030.
    To ensure improved maternal and neonatal health indicators.
    To scale down the HIV/AIDS prevalence to be lower than the national.
    To improve nutritional status of under fives and women of reproductive age.
    To implement the Kenya health policy framework.
    To empower health system technological advances including e-health.
    To work towards reversing of trends of emerging and re-emerging diseases.
    To focus on the dynamicity of health care and act flexibly and proactively.

    Meager resources allocated to health docket.
    Wide disparity in development indices in the county.
    Topographical and terrain of the county, which hinders accessibility of health care.
    Cultural practices and retrogressive practices which antagonize conventional medicine and health seeking behavior.
    Lack of infrastructural and human resources for health seconded by marginalization of the county by former systems of governance.
    Low socioeconomic status of the community hampering affordability of health care.


Government Tenders
West Pokot County Assembly
West Pokot Public Service Board
Vision 2030
The Council of Governors


West Pokot County
PO Box 222 - 30600,

Telephone: 0532014000