Geoffrey Lipale Changwaran


Agriculture continues to be a vital sector of the economy. It is currently the backbone of rural economy and the largest provider of self-employment.
Our department recognizes the role that agriculture sector play in the livelihoods of our people. Our farmers have faced challenges before that have led to losses, which have seen our agricultural productivity decline.
That is an issue that as a department we want to address and ensure that farmers get value for their money. As such, customized fertilizer will be provided for farmers to cater for the specific needs of different parts of our county.
However, focus will now shift to modernizing and ensuring attainment of food security in our county, so that we can end reliance on relief food. We are already underway with irrigation projects especially in areas that have faced drought and famine before, such as Kasei.
Our main objective is to create an enabling environment for agricultural development and improve market access and trade.
Pastoral economy is a separate but related field to agriculture. It is likely that pastoralists are economically disadvantaged not because government policy targets them in particular, but because they are part of a wider class of producers with characteristics that leave them open to exploitation.
As the concerned ministry, our mandate is to ensure that our farmers get access to market for their produce so that they can acquire more wealth and prestige.


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