Markets and trading centres have in the past, and now, played a key role in the economy of West Pokot and the rest of the nation. It is the small business ventures that have been critical in ensuring that families from humble backgrounds, in hard to reach areas; are able to cater for their children.
As such, The County Government through the Ministry of Trade, Industrialization, Investment and Energy, has prioritized the need to open up new and old markets.


The opening of the Sebit Market in Pokot South follows a series of market opening that have led to revival of trading activities. Sebit area is one of the largest producer of fresh produce which is distributed throughout the county through trading activities.
During the official opening of the market, Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo said that the market will be instrumental in the county’s plan to open up an industrial corridor along the Kapenguria-Lodwar highway.
“This market was thriving in 1980s. It was actually one of the main trading centres in our county. We want to relive that history.”


His sentiments were echoed by The Deputy Governor Dr Nicholas Atudonyang who said that trading activities have proved integral in changing people’s lives. “Our priority is to ensure that our people live better lives. Education was key before, but now we want to prioritize businesses,” he said.
CECM Augustine Monges-Trade, Industry, Investment and Energy who was accompanied by his Chief Officer Alex Lokimoi, said that his ministry has fronted market opening as one of its key mandate. He added that his ministry will ensure that locals from every part of this county get a chance to engage in business ventures so as to boost their incomes and ultimately lead to an increase in the county’s revenue.


“We are reviving this market so that our people will have a variety of activities to do. This market has a huge potential and I believe it will have a positive impact in the way of lives of the residents here,” pointed out Monges.
He reiterated that opening of markets will lead to competitiveness across the county.