Nurses once again have been asked to return to work and end the three months’ strike that continues to paralyze health services in various public hospitals across the nation.
In a meeting between the governor and the nurses’ representatives held this morning at Kapenguria Referral hospital, Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo urged the nurses to return to work as further negotiations will be ongoing to reach a mutual agreement concerning the nurses’ grievances.

Governor Lonyangapuo said the nurses will be paid their three months’ salary and that none of the nurses who have been on strike will be victimized.
“We will continue deliberating on the issues raised by the nurses but first, we need to return to work and help our people. Let us also be realistic in these demands we are making.”
He however blamed the nurses’ union for what he termed as “overstepping their mandate” by ordering the nurses not to return to work despite the goodwill that the county government has shown. He said it is perturbing to see nurses taking orders from the union leaders who are not their employers.

He further said that the county government will recruit 200 nurses on a two-year contract if the striking nurses do not return to work as has been deliberated on.
Dr Abuya Nobert-County Director of Health expressed the need for the strike to come to an end as soon as possible. He emphasized that the nurses are ready to return to work when a return to work formula has been reached at.
The nurses are expected to meet with the governor on Thursday this week to iron out any underlying issues so that the referral hospital can be operational as soon as possible. The nurses are also expected to bring their appointment letters to ascertain the number of nurses and their station and a staff audit to be conducted later on.