Nasolot National Game Reserve
Nasolot national reserve is in west Pokot County. It was established in 1979 and has 9200 hectares of magnificent rugged, rocky outcrop.
It’s positioned to the north of Mt. Mtelo; the highest peak in the county and the 5th in the Country.
It is endowed with lots of Flora and Fauna ranging from the largest herds of the African Elephant, over 300 during the recent collaring. These Elephants migrate often between Rimoi game reserve in Elgeiyo marakwet county, South Turkana national reserve in Turkana County using the Masol corridor. This corridor is very important in the Nasolot ecosystem. The reserve also boasts of Buffaloes, lesser kudus, bushbucks, duikers, lions, leopards, dik-diks, spotted hyenas, jackals, Impalas , olive baboons, sykes and vervet monkeys, beisa, and fringe –eared oryx, water bucks , Thompson’s gazelle and hippos. Most of this wildlife numbers have declined due to subsistence poaching, and human wildlife conflict. The County Government in coordination with the Kenya wildlife service will soon embark on restocking of the Reserve.
Two community conservancies boarder the Reserve; Pellow and Masol community conservancies. Access roads: The reserve is 146 km north of Kitale to the west of the A1 Kitale- Lodwar higway. Air: There are three airstrips at Turkwel dam, Marich Pass and Kaputir.
Accommodation – There are no accommodation places in the Reserve though there is an upcoming construction of a cottage in the place, there’s a self-catering accommodation place at Marich pass field studies center, 80km south of the reserve off the Kitale-Lodwar road. Best time to visit- All year round.
The reserve has potential for; – Game viewing, bird watching, rock climbing, nature walk and camping.