This morning the Deputy Governor H.E Titus Lotee offficially commissioned ICT equipment and Polytechnic devices, a project by the ICT authority and the County government.The project is aimed to boost information technology in the County. The project dubbed Smart County devices will also enhance service delivery in the ICT department.

The national Government has continually supported County Governments to enhance their ICT capacity through various projects and policies through the ICT Authority.
West Pokot has benefited through, Smart Devices for Counties that will be distributed to county devolved units and county departments, Fiber Optic Metro Connection/Nofbi Network and ICT roadmaps.

Due to major undertakings by the County Government in the urge to improve ICT Services, establishment of a major data center will serve the region including national government offices.
We wish to request the National Government to partner with us in establishing constituency digital innovation hubs that will assist improve digital literacy in an aim to achieve vision 2030 and other development goals.