Today the governors’ residents was all pomp and color as footballers who carried the flag of the county so high in the just concluded Maisha National League were invited for breakfast.
In the company of the soccer players were people with disabilities also receiving support from His Excellency the governor.

During the event the team presented its long list of grievances and wishes to the governor for weigh in. Top on the list was the struggle to balance between practice and meeting their livelihoods. They asked the governor to provide jobs for the youth to ease that pressure and allow them time to train without worries.
The youth also asked for support from the County government to enable them play in other nationwide leagues like the division two. They blamed their failure to enter the premier league on lack of finance and goodwill from the leaders.

Speaking, Governor Kachapin assured the youth that it was not going to be business as usual for the concerned county offices. He  said he was going to see to it personally that their needs are attended to. To confirm, he assured them that He will support them to attend the upcoming County Sports in Siaya.
“I have also prioritized and factored the purchase of a bus for the ministry of sports in the budget” he added.

People with disability also received a lot of equipment and material from the governor. St. Francis School for the Blind being one of the hghest beneficiary. The institution received braillers, styli, ring balls, Brail papers among other learning aid. Tri-circles, crutches and walking sticks were also offered to the people.   
The governor promised his continued support to the youth, the people with disabilities and the minority since it is part of his manifesto.