Komron Cliff. For years, indigenous and local communities around the world have upheld the responsibilities of their great-great grandparents and their ancestors as the Custodians of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories.
Sacred Natural Sites are critical places within ecosystems, such as forests, mountains, rivers and sources of water, which exist as a network embedded within a territory, which are of cultural and spiritual importance akin to temples or churches where the custodians carry out ceremonies and rituals. Komron cliff in Sook ward is one such place with a rich history of the struggles of the Pokot people.
When you’re here, the locals will tell you the story behind this cliff. It is believed that many years ago, hundreds of Pokot warriors were cornered by attackers on the cliff and many were forced to jump off the cliff on the brink of death. As much as many may describe this cliff as a haunted place, it however offers one of the best views of the expansive plains below and far away such as Miskwony, Nakwijit, R. Suam, Mt. Kadam and the Kenya-Uganda border.
Activities recommended are but not limited to; paragliding, cliff/ mountain climbing and hiking.