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D.G Titus Lotee
Ministry of Inter-Governmental
Coordination, Peace Building & Disaster Managment
CEC Donato Longal
Ministry of Lands, Housing, Physical
Planning & Urban Development
CEC Joel K Ngolekong
Ministry Finance and Economic Planning
CEC Joel Ngolekong'
Ag. Ministry of Health and Sanitation
CEC Zepedee Isaac Losidi
Ministry of Roads, Public works & Transport
CEC William Lokira
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation
CEC Roda Rotino
Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Sports, & Social Development
CEC Wilfred Longronyang
Ministry of Water and Natural Resources
CEC Gladys Kiyapyap
Ministry of Education, ICT and Public Administration
 CEC William Lokira
Ag. Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperative