Yesterday governor Prof. Lonyangapuo and a team from department of Works, Transport and Infrastructure led by CEC, Mr. Luka Chepelion,Chief Officer for Roads and Public Works, Mr. Simon Kodomuk and Chief Officer for Transport and Infrastructure Mr. John Karamunyaembarked on construction and repairs of roads countywide.

 Infrastructure4 2017

The governor launched the expansion and repair of Kanyarkwat-Karenger road in Riwo Ward.Later in Ortum;he impelled the expansion and levelling of Ortum-Sobukwo-Chekomos-Kriich-road. All these developments are for improving infrastructure which will ease transportation of goods and minimise losses occasioned by poor road networks.

 Infrastructure2 2017

26 roads, covering a total of 500km, will be constructed between December and June next year.

Infrastructure3 2017