Striking nurses may soon return to work in West Pokot county and end the more than two months nurses’ strike that has crippled health services in most counties around the nation.
Speaking on his first day in office, Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo pointed out that they had already met representatives from the nurses’ union and are seeking a quick end to the strike.

“The nurses’ strike has had a huge effect on the delivery of health services. We cannot continue this way. It has to end soon.”
Touching on matters governance, the governor maintained that his government will ensure the interest of the residents of this county comes first. He said that his government will channel money that had earlier on been spent on outside trips to better the lives of the people, emphasizing on the need to hold retreat and conferences within the county and in the neighbouring counties if need be.

“A lot of money has been spent on benchmarking trips abroad. We cannot continue on that path but let us opt to invest in our own county. Build hotels and lodges.”
Governor Prof Lonyangapuo however, sought to reassure the county workers of fair treatment, although an audit would be conducted.
“There is need to rationalize and prioritize the strengths of our workers. That is why we will soon be conducting trainings for the county workers. The audit will not be a witch-hunt at all.”
He furthermore warned county officials of misusing the county vehicles. He said no vehicle should be used for personal errands. He asked some of the locals who had gathered at the governors’ office to remain vigilant,”If you see any county vehicle roaming at night, call me, text me! You have the power because you’re the employers.”
The governor emphasized that his government is up to the task at hand.