Yesterday morning a team from ACF led by the Head of Western Region Mr. Sylvester Kyuli and the Program Manager West Pokot County Mr. Asa Lelei visited the governor.
Their main objective was to inform the governor on their work progress in the county and request for support from the county government. On his part, the governor Prof. Lonyangapuo commended their work in the county and urged them to come up with a strategy to reduce the high birth rates and malnutrition rates recorded in the county. “I urge you to partner with other organizations and ministries in the county to elevate our nutritional needs and further our livelihood. All these actions are for the people and so should the people feel they own it for their own good. My government is fully committed to eradicate the malnutrition issues among our children. My government will walk with you side by side to see the birth of a better county” he said.

Action Contre La Faim (ACF) translating to action against hunger has played a major role in the county in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Their major areas of dealing are nutrition and health; not only do they treat acutely undernourished children through a community-based approach, but also improve child survival and prevent under nutrition by addressing its underlying causes. Water, sanitation and hygiene are also an issue; they work in partnership with communities to strengthen infrastructure and systems to provide safe water, sanitation, and proper hygiene. Food security and livelihood is another main subject; ACF aims to empower vulnerable communities to improve their access to food, income, and markets. There is training and capacity building of small-scale farmers to increase production, and safely store and market their crops.
The team also requested the county government to invest in social behavioral change for the people through civic education so that the people can embrace what they have to better their nutrition.