The Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo has said that the Nasukuta abattoir project will be among his governments’ top priority.
Speaking after a meeting with a delegation from The EU led by The Local Economic Development Advisor Edward Esau Mwale, the governor said that the Nasukuta project expected to cost 141M, will be fast-tracked so that it can be up and running to enable the county residents to get easy access to a ready market for their animals.

He said that his government will embark on consultations with the area leaders from MPs to MCAs to ensure that the project succeeds and benefits the locals, “This project that was conceived in 2009 while I was serving as a PS. We reached an agreement with the national government to provide us with some equipment for the abattoir. What remains now is the implementation of this project. The EU has our support 100%.”
In response to key issues raised by the EU, Local Economist Development Advisor Mr. Mwale concerning accessibility of the road to the abattoir, security concerns and marketing, Governor Lonyangapuo stressed that the Nasukuta project is a key investment in the county, and as such, all effort will be put for the success of the project.

Mr. Mwale who had been tasked to get commitment or re-commitment from the new county leaders in the 15 counties the EU has sponsored projects, said that availability of market will play a major role in the implementation of the project.
“We do not want to pump money into a project will that is not viable. That is why we need those issues addressed as soon as possible before we can start the project,” said Mwale.
A committee will now be created to work on the market issue as well as the projects’ futuristic plans.