The Cooperatives movement has immensely contributed to enormous success of various farmers in Kenya.

Speaking during the election of Kamelei Farmers’ Cooperative Society officials, the Chief Officer in charge of Investment and Cooperatives Mr. Linus Losialima noted that the most developed counties in Kenya have realized the importance of cooperatives, which has greatly led to their success.
He said that the County Government is keen to ensure that every farmer attains financial independence as a result of their farming activities.
“Let's change our mindset as a people. If one of us has the right mindset, then that one person is going to change Kamelei.
This is one of the most powerful cooperative in this county and if we do it right, we shall be a wealthy society.”

He however said that constant conflicts between the two neighboring communities have been the major undoing to the residents of Kamelei. He put emphasis on the need to prioritize peaceful coexistence in the area.
“We have all seen that without peace, we cannot achieve any development. We need stability so that we can be able to concentrate on our cooperatives and create a better future for coming generations.” Said Mr. Losialima.
He added that the county government will support cooperatives by offering loans and trainings to farmers.

The area MCA Samwel Korinyang’ said that his first priority is to ensure the constant conflicts come to an end.
“We shall only have a better economy if peace prevails. We can achieve this if all of us here today choose peace.”

The Cooperative Chairman Joseph Seromuk said that they have been making development strides despite the insecurity they face.
“We made 10 million the first time by selling wool from 28,000 sheep. However, the population of our sheep has gone down due to insecurity.”
He maintained that as a cooperative, they have the capacity to improve their businesses and attain financial independence, if only they receive support from the government.

The Cooperative elected nine officials, three of them being female.