The Commission on Revenue Allocation is set to make recommendations to the National Government on what ought to be done to ensure that marginalized counties benefit from the equalization fund.
Speaking in a meeting held at the governor’s office, on 15th May, 2017, CRA commissioner Mr. Kishanto Ole Suuji said that the CRA team will be carrying out field visits inclined at the 14 marginalized counties whose aim is to review the impact of devolution on those counties. Mr. Suuji added that the team will now be focusing on the counties that are below the minimum development threshold.


CRA commissioner Mr. Kishanto Ole Suuji during the meeting

The Deputy Governor Titus Lotee receiving the CRA team on behalf of the governor expressed his gratitude towards the team and stated that devolution has played a tremendous role in the improvement of infrastructure across the county, “Infrastructure was in shambles before devolution. Structures were in a poor state but we are in the process of shading that off,”he said.
While explaining the need for money set aside for the equalization fund to be rolled out to the marginalized counties as soon as possible, he however expressed his general displeasure, particularly with the national government for having not released the monies to the targeted counties four years into devolution. “We have not benefitted from the fund. To date, money has not been rolled out by the national government,” added Lotee. He termed the unwillingness of the national government to release the funds as being against the spirit of devolution.

 H.E Deputy Govenor Titus Lotee

His sentiments were seconded by the acting county secretary Mr. Jackso Peng’at who said that the county has been forced to dig in to the county’s budget to implement projects that would have been under the equalization fund.
In response to the issues raised by the deputy governor, Commissioner Suuji maintained that the commission would develop a policy based on the counties’ recommendations aimed at ensuring that marginalized counties benefit from the fund.
Apart from that, Mr. Suuji termed the county’s performance as extremely commendable.