Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo in collaboration with the CEC-Trade & Industrialization Augustine Monges led the official opening of Kapchemogen Market in Pokot South which will now be operating every Wednesday of the week.

This is in line with county’s vision to accelerate economic growth in every part of this county.
Prof Lonyangapuo said that his administration will ensure that business men and women benefits from government offered incentives. He added that the county’s economy benefits hugely from trade, and hence the need to invest in trade so that the community benefits as a whole.

CEC Monges on his part said his department has already set aside funds which will be rolled out to small and medium-sized businesses wishing to venture or boost their businesses. He further noted that expansion of trade and markets holds the key to faster growth and development that will benefit all the residents of this county.

He said his department will focus more on trade facilitation by building market stalls and sell yards, especially in Kapchemogen market which has no proper business structures as of now.