West Pokot County remains committed to setting up industries which will benefit thousands of county residents.


That is according to County Secretary Dr. Mike Parklea during a proposal presentation by Pladot E.H.M – An Israeli Company that specializes in manufacturing and installing dairy plant equipment mainly for dairy and juices.
Dr. Parklea said that the county is keen on learning from experts in the dairy sector as they look into setting up a dairy plant within the county.


“We are a livestock community and we want to maximize on this- meat and milk. We therefore want to put all the needed effort in value addition,” he said.
While making his presentation, Rafi Shamir- Pladot Managing Director in Africa highlighted on the need for extensive market research in order to ensure that the plant will be sustainable and that there will be success for products.
“The key issue is marketing. Key products that can be produced efficiently are milk, yogurt, soft and hard cheeses, ice cream and butter. Developing a "niche" market is vital to achieving success with an on-farm processing plant.” Said Mr. Rafi.
He said that a mini dairy plant can process up to 6,500 litres per hour which translates to more than 80,000 litres per day. He further added that apart from installation of the plant, Pladot also offers post project support and training for county staff in Israel. Pladot Mini Dairies has installed mini dairies in over 20 countries.


A feasibility study conducted in 2017 revealed that dairy farmers in West Pokot County produce 50,000- 70,000 litres of milk per day. Milk processing plant will offer a solution to the problems that ail milk production business and also offer employment opportunities to county residents.