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Yesterday a team from Tegla Lorupe Foundation led by Tegla Lorupe herself, Philippe Verdier from No finish Line and state of Monaco paid the county government a courtesy call. This group has been very supportive in life saving projects like peace keeping, health and social welfare project.


They were on their way to launch a water project that was done at the Tegla Lorupe Academy at Siyoi. This water project will assist the pupils in terms of sanitation and hygiene as they will be drinking clean water and using it for other purposes. On the other hand, the project is aimed at achieving the 6TH Sustainable Development Goal of Clean Water and Sanitation.



The Commission on Revenue Allocation is set to make recommendations to the National Government on what ought to be done to ensure that marginalized counties benefit from the equalization fund.
Speaking in a meeting held at the governor’s office, on 15th May, 2017, CRA commissioner Mr. Kishanto Ole Suuji said that the CRA team will be carrying out field visits inclined at the 14 marginalized counties whose aim is to review the impact of devolution on those counties. Mr. Suuji added that the team will now be focusing on the counties that are below the minimum development threshold.


CRA commissioner Mr. Kishanto Ole Suuji during the meeting

The Deputy Governor Titus Lotee receiving the CRA team on behalf of the governor expressed his gratitude towards the team and stated that devolution has played a tremendous role in the improvement of infrastructure across the county, “Infrastructure was in shambles before devolution. Structures were in a poor state but we are in the process of shading that off,”he said.
While explaining the need for money set aside for the equalization fund to be rolled out to the marginalized counties as soon as possible, he however expressed his general displeasure, particularly with the national government for having not released the monies to the targeted counties four years into devolution. “We have not benefitted from the fund. To date, money has not been rolled out by the national government,” added Lotee. He termed the unwillingness of the national government to release the funds as being against the spirit of devolution.

 H.E Deputy Govenor Titus Lotee

His sentiments were seconded by the acting county secretary Mr. Jackso Peng’at who said that the county has been forced to dig in to the county’s budget to implement projects that would have been under the equalization fund.
In response to the issues raised by the deputy governor, Commissioner Suuji maintained that the commission would develop a policy based on the counties’ recommendations aimed at ensuring that marginalized counties benefit from the fund.
Apart from that, Mr. Suuji termed the county’s performance as extremely commendable.

Members of the Tourism Fund lead by Mr. Charles Gumbo and Mr. Jared Otiato visited the office of the Governor-West Pokot County to launch establishment profiling of the county.
Receiving the team that will undertake the exercise was CEC Finance Mr. Joel Ngolekong, Chief of staff, Mr. Ronald Ngoleyang and the Director of Tourism, West Pokot County Mr.William Petang’ole and other staff from the department.


Mr.Jared Otiato (Left) and Mr. Charles Gumbo (Right) - Tourism Fund)

Giving his remarks, the Director of Tourism applauded the Tourism Fund for their continued support in opening up tourism activities within West Pokot County and assured them of total support in identifying activities that go hand in hand with customer preference.


Mr. William Petang'ole - Director of Tourism addressing Tourism Fund staff

The establishment areas scheduled for profiling include Kapenguria, Makutano, Sigor, Chepareria and marich. Establishments in these areas are already operational and the Tourism Fund team will vet and see to it that they qualify to collect the 2% levy. This shall assist the corporation to make proper planning that shall see the County Government of West Pokot reap a lot from Tourism

Mr. Joel Ng'olekong - CEC Finance speaking during the event flanked by Mr. Ronald Ng'oleyang - Chief of Staff

Fund’s support initiatives like training of establishments staff on hospitality and catering skills, linking of the County with Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) whose mandate is to market the Tourism industry in the Country and finally, with collaboration with the County Government, they can assist develop a tourist circuit that can be client based.
For purposes of this exercise, the Tourism Fund will specialize in profiling establishments under class A and B which are Hotels and Restaurants.

Staff from the Tourism Fund with County Government Staff

Following the handing over of west Pokot Nasukuta abattoir from National to County Government last month,a ceremony that was precided by the P.S State department of livespck Dr Tuimur, the west Pokot County government moved swiftly to put in place strategies that would neccessite quick operationalization of the plant.Among key interventions are market feasisibilty and additional resource mobilization.

The Deputy Governor and the County Head of Livestock,Veterinary and Fisheries services Mr James Akudian led the West Pokot County delegation to the Egyptian embassy in Nairobi.Key resolutions were to offer sufficient market to animal products to Pokot County.This was necessitated by good animal health strategic interventions that the County enjoys than their neighbouring East African Countries not withstanding a friendly market pricing

H.E Governor Simon Kachapin, Pokot South MP David Pkosing, Deputy County Commissioner, senior investigation officer-West Pokot, OCSs, OCPDs, and county officials adorned the launching of the National Police Reservists (NPR) at Kapenguria Police Headquarters. This marked a very memorable day since 1948 when the colonial government recruited the police reservists.

For a long time, insecurity has been a major issue in West Pokot County especially at the borders with Baringo, Turkana, Elgeyo Marakwet and Samburu. This has prompted a lot of initiatives like community policing that entails good and mutual relationship between the public and the police; the public reporting any signs that deem to be a threat to their security and in turn the police who are responsible for maintaining law and order acting upon it to safeguard the community.

220 was the number added to 649 reservists enlisted in the national police. The NPRs are to be deployed as follows; Pokot Central-100, Pokot South-61, Pokot North-39 and West Pokot-20. They will be under the OCPDs and OCSs of their respective areas. The distribution is influenced by the verge of security need in the locality. Recently, Pokot central is leading in insecurity according to reports.


Governor Simon Kachapin encouraged them to embrace the spirit of UTUMISHI KWA WOTE and work together with security committees in their areas, the police and the locals to keep our county safe.