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Members of the Tourism Fund lead by Mr. Charles Gumbo and Mr. Jared Otiato visited the office of the Governor-West Pokot County to launch establishment profiling of the county.
Receiving the team that will undertake the exercise was CEC Finance Mr. Joel Ngolekong, Chief of staff, Mr. Ronald Ngoleyang and the Director of Tourism, West Pokot County Mr.William Petang’ole and other staff from the department.


Mr.Jared Otiato (Left) and Mr. Charles Gumbo (Right) - Tourism Fund)

Giving his remarks, the Director of Tourism applauded the Tourism Fund for their continued support in opening up tourism activities within West Pokot County and assured them of total support in identifying activities that go hand in hand with customer preference.


Mr. William Petang'ole - Director of Tourism addressing Tourism Fund staff

The establishment areas scheduled for profiling include Kapenguria, Makutano, Sigor, Chepareria and marich. Establishments in these areas are already operational and the Tourism Fund team will vet and see to it that they qualify to collect the 2% levy. This shall assist the corporation to make proper planning that shall see the County Government of West Pokot reap a lot from Tourism

Mr. Joel Ng'olekong - CEC Finance speaking during the event flanked by Mr. Ronald Ng'oleyang - Chief of Staff

Fund’s support initiatives like training of establishments staff on hospitality and catering skills, linking of the County with Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) whose mandate is to market the Tourism industry in the Country and finally, with collaboration with the County Government, they can assist develop a tourist circuit that can be client based.
For purposes of this exercise, the Tourism Fund will specialize in profiling establishments under class A and B which are Hotels and Restaurants.

Staff from the Tourism Fund with County Government Staff

H.E Governor Simon Kachapin, Pokot South MP David Pkosing, Deputy County Commissioner, senior investigation officer-West Pokot, OCSs, OCPDs, and county officials adorned the launching of the National Police Reservists (NPR) at Kapenguria Police Headquarters. This marked a very memorable day since 1948 when the colonial government recruited the police reservists.

For a long time, insecurity has been a major issue in West Pokot County especially at the borders with Baringo, Turkana, Elgeyo Marakwet and Samburu. This has prompted a lot of initiatives like community policing that entails good and mutual relationship between the public and the police; the public reporting any signs that deem to be a threat to their security and in turn the police who are responsible for maintaining law and order acting upon it to safeguard the community.

220 was the number added to 649 reservists enlisted in the national police. The NPRs are to be deployed as follows; Pokot Central-100, Pokot South-61, Pokot North-39 and West Pokot-20. They will be under the OCPDs and OCSs of their respective areas. The distribution is influenced by the verge of security need in the locality. Recently, Pokot central is leading in insecurity according to reports.


Governor Simon Kachapin encouraged them to embrace the spirit of UTUMISHI KWA WOTE and work together with security committees in their areas, the police and the locals to keep our county safe.

Today morning WFP representative knocked the doors of the CEC for Education and ICT Hon. Gladys Kiyapyap with blessings of digital equipment. The package which include desktop computer and printers are meant to support ECDE department in the county to digitize its mechanisms.

Receiving the donations CEC Kiyapyap thanked WFP and the UN in general for continual support they have been offering to the county government at different capacities and in different situations. She alluded that the gift will go a long way in improving the standards of ECDE services in the county.

    Group photo during the event.

2017 has been and will continue to be a good year in making more progress, embracing new success and consequently writing new history towards a better education sector in our county. I am delighted to witness the first grand celebration of our very first ECDE graduands.

During the four years’ tenure, we have been able to make a tremendous stride in bettering early childhood development Education. When I took office in 2013 my government employed more than 800 ECDE teachers some of whom were untrained. I was therefore convicted to establish this training center to enable the county increase its number of trained ECDE resource, cut distance and cost for our trainees and create employment for our people.

We have made it our county priority to ensure each child has access to high-quality early education. To this end, my government has established more than 200 ECDE centers with 100 complete and the rest are on-going. We have also employed an ECDE Principal, ECDE coordinators, ECDE Director and other staff to strengthen service delivery, accountability and quality assurance in management of ECDE education in our county. Additionally, to make sure that our students focus and remain in college we consider our ECDE college students for bursaries every year.

The relevance of our education system must be underpinned in the objective we have set as a county government and that is why we are here today to witness the first ECDE graduation ceremony. We will continue to support the college as we progress on to greater heights. We are looking forward to opening more ECDE centers and employing the relevant human resource.
Finally, to our graduands, graduation is a celebration that should mark the end of one phase and beginning of the next phase in your teaching careers. We are proud to have you as our pioneers and we believe that the efforts you will bring onto our education sector will go a long way in changing the face of our county. The college has not only prepared you on the academic front but also to play a part in improving the quality of life of our communities. Strive to achieve excellence in everything you do! Continue soaring high. This is just the first step to greater endeavors.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. May God bless our county.

West Pokot County Government in conjunction with The National Government has allocated funds to the purchase of maize, beans, green grams, sorghum and cowpeas for the most vulnerable farmers in the county. The Deputy Governor Hon. Titus Lotee flagged off the seeds and tractors set to benefit the farmers within the county.

In addition, the county Government purchased five tractors complete with necessary implementations for subsidized land preparation in order to have timely land preparation in order to have timely land preparation.

The tractors started ploughing from the highland areas and so far they have ploughed 350 acres of land. They are now being moved to the low land areas where land is hard when dry and is only workable after onset of rains.

A total of 3.848tons of maize, 1.92tons of beans, 5.952tons of green grams, 5.952tons of cow peas and 4.1 tons of sorghum to be shared among four sub counties. A total 9,562 farmers will benefit and the seeds will cover a total area of 3636.8 acres.

The seeds will be distributed to the four Sub-Counties respectively.