This is according to Mr. Godgrey Makokha- Coordinator, Association of the Physically Disabled in Kenya (APDK) which is mandated with the provision of rehabilitative services to PLWDs. Mr. Makokha and his officers are in the county for consultation and also are on a mission to assess needs of PLWDs.

People living with disability, he said, still face enormous challenges that need immediate intervention.

“This group in our society has been left behind for far too long. Many of these people go through untold suffering. We need to change this situation by collectively working together to identify them, assess their needs and see how we can facilitate them,” said Mr. Makokha.
He said that APDK was greatly pleased to realize that the county saw the need to develop a directorate to cater for PLWDs.

“We appreciate the goodwill here. Of all the counties we have worked with, this is the only one with a directorate aimed at overseeing the needs of this group. That is a great step towards achieving inclusivity.” He said.

The county secretary Dr. Mike Parklea while acknowledging the plight of people living with disability said that the county has prioritised every resident in West Pokot County. He reiterated on the dire need of ensuring that enough support is given to PLWDs.
He however asked for stakeholders involved with PLWDs to sensitize communities so as to lift stigmas that they face.

“Many of our people living with disability face great challenges and stigma. We all need to put an end to this. We cannot have children staying at home and not attending school because they are physically challenged,” said Dr. Parklea.

His sentiments were echoed by Dorcas Ngimor- Director, Women affairs & PLWDs who highlighted on the plight of people living with disability in West Pokot. She said that there is need to identify them and offer any necessary support.
“We want to be a county that prioritizes the needs of the vulnerable in the society. A larger part of our county has difficult terrain. This poses a great challenge to PLWDs.” She said.
Present were representatives from department of health, REHAP Mission among other officials.