The Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo and his deputy Dr. Nicholas Atudonyang this morning met with a team from Drought Resilience & Sustainable Livelihoods(DRSLP) and some locals from Sebit-Pokot South to deliberate on Kaminia Irrigation project.

The project that had stalled for more than five years is expected to start off as soon as possible following negotiations between the governor Prof John Lonyangapuo, the team from the Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods(DRSLP) and representatives from Sebit.
The fiver year project worth Kshs. 300M funded by the Africa Development Bank and the government of Kenya, was proposed in the year 2012 and was set to be implemented between 2013-2018. The project which is yet to commence had been met with resistance from the locals close to the intake point who pointed out that they had little to benefit from it.
Esther Wambua-Project Coordinator, DRSLP explained that major steps would have been made had there been an intervention and political goodwill to the standoff experienced earlier on. “When the contractor was ready to start work at the site, he received too much hostility from the locals. This not only posed a challenge, but put the project in jeopardy.”

However Governor Prof Lonyangapuo pointed out that his government is in full support of the project and would visit the site next week, “Such projects are important to our people and we cannot let it drag anymore.”

The governor pointed out that his manifesto is anchored in fostering food security through irrigation, therefore he cannot afford to subbotage such a project. He pledged to fully support the parties involved to bring the project to completion within the remaining timeframe. He also mentioned that he cannot tolarate county workforce that do not embrace development.

DRSLP has been actively involved in projects across this county aimed at improving the residents’ livelihoods.