It is known that Cash crop is the backboard of economy in the whole world and West Pokot County has something attributed to the say by making and embracing it through the training that was held at Kishaunet Grounds.
The officers drawn from the Agriculture department were trained on how to make the cash crops in West Pokot County get the best in terms of the quality, market and the time of their service. The training covered cash crops like coffee, tea, aloe, nuts and oils, cotton as a fibre crop, sisal as fibre crop and pyrethrum.


They were trained on the various varieties of the cash crops in the market that they need to be familiar with when they are training and helping the farmers outside in the fields. They were introduced into the global markets that are best known all over the world. They were also told to avoid brokers who are said to have taken advantage of some farmers by buying their products at a lower price thus disappointing the farmer who would have make it into success.


Agriculture and Food Authority represented by Director Clement Muyesu and a team of directorate from Tea, Coffee, Nuts and Crops, Pyrethrum, Fibre and Sisal directorates, introduced the Agriculture and Food Authority as a statutory institution with the mandate and responsibility to oversee the regulation, development and promotion of scheduled crops. Through the provision of AFA Act (Act no. 2013), crops Act (Act 6 of 2013) and other relevant laws and regulations as well as partnership with other public and private institutions, he said explained that ministry continues to facilitate the industry within the context of its Mission, Vision, core values and set Service delivery standards.