Land Use Planning Aims At Managing The Development Of Land. Respective Administration Uses Land Use Plan For The Needs Of The Community While Safeguarding Natural Resources. The County Department Of Lands Initiated The Preparation Of The Land Use Plan After The Residents Of Amakuriat In Alale Ward Requested Them Before Undertaking Any Development In The Town. The Plan Will Guide And Control Developments For The Next 20 Years. Key Principles Like Economy, Convenience, Environmental And Aesthetic Of Planning Are Followed In Order To Make Good Use Of The Land.



A Reconnaissance/ Transect Survey As Well As Stakeholders Meeting Was Done To Get The Full Knowledge Concerning The Land. Led By Cos Timothy Lomulen Of Housing, Physical Planning And Urban Development And Elijah Lopuke Of Lands The Event Was Conducted Keenly And Inclusively With Regards To The Views The Residents Of Amakuriat Gave And The Technical Support From The Department Of Land And Physical Planning. Brother Cesar Chacon H, A Representative Of St. Comboni Catholic Church In Amakuriat Speaking On Behalf Of The Residents, Appreciated The Initiative Made By The County Government In Supporting The Residents Terming It Empowering And Requested The Administration To Follow Up On Such Issues To Make The Residents’ Work Easier By Following The Stated Plan When Using Their Land.