Village Enterprise is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation. We have developed, adapted and implemented an evidence-based, cost-effective poverty graduation program that has impacted over 1 million lives in East Africa. The program encompasses business and financial literacy training, seed capital, business mentorship, business saving groups, and targeting of the ultra-poor
households in selected regions.

Our head office in Kenya is at Kibomet area of Kitale Municipality along Kitale-Cherangany road since 2014. We also have our office here in Kapenguria, along Bendera- Kapenguria road, opposite Kilimo house. Our program is currently being implemented in Trans Nzoia, Migori, Bungoma and West Pokot Counties and previously worked in Kakamega and Uasin Gishu Counties. Operations in West Pokot County commenced in March 2018 at Kapenguria Constituency and has expanded in March 2019 to Pokot South Constituency. To date we have established 1,308 businesses (1190 in Kapenguria and 118 in Pokot South) and 143 Business Savings Groups in West Pokot County. We anticipate 360 new businesses and 36 new Business Saving Groups by the end of this year, after completion of business and financial literacy trainings as they are currently being conducted in 18 villages.

The graduation approach has shown to provide a path for people living in extreme poverty intom sustainable livelihoods in a way that really alters the social and economic dynamics for the participants. While graduation has enabled a small number of people to move out of extreme
poverty, additional interventions are needed to take these efforts to scale and partnerships with government are needed to achieve this. In this regard, Village Enterprise in collaboration with Wasafiri Consulting firm through support from Open Society Foundation have commenced a 15-
month project that comprises an influencing, learning, prototyping and partnership-building effort to construct a new and credible platform with county stakeholders to accelerate efforts to reduce extreme poverty in West Pokot County.

In Kenya, we have made a positive impact in 37,400 lives, started 1,876 Businesses and formed 190 Business Saving Groups.
In West Pokot we have employed 3 Field Associates, 18 Business Mentors, trained 3,965 entrepreneurs where 88% are female entrepreneurs, started 1,309 Business and 143 Business Savings Groups


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