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Early this morning, the Deputy Governor Titus Lotee flagged off the Paralympics team that is set to participate in the Paralympics national championships to be held at Nyayo stadium tomorrow until 21st of this month.

Paralympic 1 

Mr. Lotee expressed his delight at having the team represent the county in the championships, saying the county is committed in ensuring that the team receives the necessary support.
The Paralympics chairman- West Pokot Stephen Waithaka maintained that the team is ready for the championships and that it will bring back medals.

 Paralympic 2

Those that will qualify from the national championships will proceed to the international championships that will be held in London from 8th to 28th of July.

The ministry of Inter-government coordination, Peace building & Disaster management this morning has received Ksh. 234,000 from the Fred Hollows Foundation to support its efforts in dealing with the various disasters that face the county.
Speaking while handing over the cheque to the Deputy Governor Titus Lotee, who heads the department, Country Director-Fred Hollows Foundation Jane Ohuma said that the foundation which has been working closely with the Ministry of Health since the year 2014, is committed in ensuring that West Pokot county is able to eliminate and combat disasters.
“Our work in this county has primarily been focused on eliminating Trachoma- which has been a huge challenge to the residents, especially those living in rural areas. But we have realized that in order to achieve a trachoma-free county, more work has to be done,” said Ohuma.

Disaster 2 
 Jane Ohuma - Country director, FRED Hollows foundation

She pointed out that strengthening health systems requires high health care in the county and that to achieve it, it demands more partnerships from the various players.
On his part, the deputy governor Titus Lotee termed the work that the foundation has done as ‘commendable.’ He emphasized that through such partnerships with like-minded players as Fred Hollows Foundation, ACF, NDMA & UNICEF, that most counties and especially West Pokot will be able to overcome the challenges. “A lot of effort has been put in our department and the ministry of health. But more needs to be done because health has, and is still somehow below the table.”
He further said that the coming in of the Fred Hollows Foundation in the course towards elimination of disasters is timely. He maintained that eliminating most disasters starts with provision of enough water for the residents. “Water has been and continues to be a huge challenge that faces our people, especially since most of them are pastoralists. If we can be able to partner and drill more water for our residents, it will be a major milestone towards meeting our goal.”

 Disaster 3
 H.E Titus Lotee

His sentiments were echoed by the CEC Ministry of Finance & Planning Mr. Joel Ng’olekong who said that the county government has done commendable work so far, giving credit to devolution. “Devolution had greatly improved the face of this county, and has also opened it up to the rest of the country. That is why we’re strengthening our partnership today with Fred Hollows.”
Fred Hollows Foundation is now set to discuss with the disaster management department on the areas that will need to be addressed and set budgets needed, aimed at reducing disasters.

Disaster 4 

Today the county Governor, Mr. Simon Kachapin flagged off 6000 bags of maize to be distributed to all the wards in the county. In conjunction with the West Pokot County Disaster Management unit, the maize will be distributed to all the areas across the county that has been adversely affected by hunger.


Also present to support the county’s mission of eradicating hunger were Kapenguria MP Mr. Samuel Moroto, Pokot South MP Mr. David Pkosing and other administrative leaders.  
This mission is aimed at combating the experienced drought that had lasted for close to five months in the area thereby causing hunger among the residents.


Kenya vision 2030 is a national long-term development plan that was launched in the year 2008 to 2030, its objective being to transform Kenya into a competitive economy, providing high quality of life to all its citizens.
Vision 2030, based on the three pillars of economic, political and social governance, is already in progress being implemented in successive five-year plan, with the first such plan covering the period 2008-2013. Effort has been put in various counties through the County Integrated Development Plan(CIDPs) and has resulted in major flagship projects.
The permanent secretary in the ministry of Devolution & Planning Micah Powon in conjunction with the CeC Ministry of Finance & planning Joel Ng’olekong, led the various players in a consultative forum held at Mtelo hall, aimed at finding out the strides made towards the vision 2030.
Speaking at the forum, PS Powon said that the progress made so far has been quite impressive especially in West Pokot county, adding that the national government already has a strategic plan which will consider the priorities put up by the locals.
 However, he said that despite the progress that has been witnessed, there is still lack of a uniform structure on how to implement the plans, be it short, medium or long term. He maintained that the national government will avail frameworks to all the counties for proper implementation of plans geared towards the vision 2030.
On his part, the CeC in the ministry of Finance & Planning Joel Ng’olekong said that the blueprint adopted by the county has proved quite effective. “Our five-year plan has been implemented with key interest on the economic, physical, social and spatial sectors.”
Ng’olekong added that the CIDP implementation plan is at 85%, citing key flagship projects such as the building of KMTC which is now operational, Chesta teachers’ college, ECDE college and milk coolers. He however pointed out that the progress could be higher if there was a better coordination framework between the national government and the counties.
Speaking after various recommendations had been forwarded by the players in the forum, PS Powon said that the preparation of a five-year plan-3rd Medium Term Plan (2018-2022) is set to roll out as soon as possible and will be incorporated in the plan.
Members of the county assembly, county commissioner representative Khalif Abdullahi, officers from the national government, representatives from NGOs and locals were among those that attended the forum.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto made visits to various parts of West Pokot county. Alongside them were the area county Governor Simon Kachapin, his deputy and other administrative and local leaders

Jubilee 3 

While addressing thousands of jubilant crowds in Chelan’ga Gardens, Makutano, President Kenyatta said that their development agenda has ensured that every Kenyan, in every corner of the country is equal.

“For the first time, Kenyans have seen West Pokot County lead other counties by having the first medical training college - KMTC. This has put West Pokot on the map, and all these has been made possible by Governor Simon Kachapin” Uhuru said.

Jubilee 5 

In what will be a big win for this county since independence, the president officially launched the construction of an 80KM tarmacked road from Makutano- Konyao, with the construction expected to start early July. He said that the road will open up North Pokot to major economic activities, asking the youth to shun away from cattle rustling and embrace the opportunities that will result due to better infrastructure. He further assured the locals of development support if re-elected.The President came with more goodies for the locals. Residents of Kamla in Kiwawa Ward were promised a Safaricom booster to enhance their communication as soon as possible. The security unit in the area was also advanced as the president said his government will give them a police vehicle.

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