VISION:       To make West Pokot a Tourist destination for all.
MISSION:    To market, promote and manage sustainable tourism
The Department of Tourism is responsible for tourism policy, management and product development. The Department is currently developing the County’s Tourism Strategy and matters related to policy formulation, coordination, planning and research and product development in the field of tourism.
West Pokot County is a land of unlimited opportunities. It is time for us to showcase to the rest of the country and abroad of the plenty we pride ourselves in. As a matter of fact, we are developing branding framework as a county to assist in highlighting our tourism attractions. This will not only ensure that there is a flow of tourists to our county, but most importantly ensure that our people benefit.
Statistics show that tourism contributes about 11% to Kenya's GDP, about 12% to Kenya’s employment and is the 3rd foreign exchange earner. For every 11 tourists who visit Kenya, 1 Kenyan job is created. This shows the importance of tourism, and we want to replicate the same thing in our county.
My administration will provide strategy direction and improve infrastructure in order to move our tourism sector to the next level. We shall incorporate all the changing dynamics in the tourism sector, such as the latest technological trends, so as to position our county as a premier tourist destination in the North Rift and be able to thrive in the near future.
CEC Message
Tourism is one of the most important social-economic sectors in Kenya. The sector contributes about 11 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs about 12 percent of the total wage workforce in the country.

Over the years, tourism has become an extremely competitive business. This necessitates a paradigm shift in the development and management of the sector. The focus must shift from the traditional tourism products to sustainable tourism. It is therefore imperative that tourism is developed and managed in a controlled and integrated in sustainable manner

As we push forward into another exciting quarter of the financial year 2018/2019, our main focus will be to promote our county’s tourism industry. We shall provide clear direction and leadership in regards to tourism policy and development.

West Pokot is extremely endowed with natural resources ranging from scenic sites such as Mt Mtelo, Turkwel Gorge, Marich Pass, Tartar falls and sacred places which offer plenty of tourist activities. West Pokot is wild, untamed and will never fail to charm those seeking to unravel the mystery of her untouched natural beauty.

Welcome to West Pokot, A county of hidden treasures!