Food security is the ultimate goal of a people-centred leadership. West Pokot County Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo has commissioned ploughing of 200 acres of land to put under irrigation in North Pokot.

So far, approximately 50 acres of land has been ploughed in Takaywa village.
Ploughing of additional farm is ongoing at Kases village in Kasei ward, Pokot North. The same project will be extended to Karon village. This move seeks to make the region food secure and alleviate residents of suffering during long dry spells. The mini irrigation project at Takaywa village in Kasei Ward was initiated in partnership with Mercycorps.

This is historic since it will help break the vicious circle of over reliance on relief food. Successive regimes since independence, have never initiated long term projects to address incidences of hunger and starvation occasioned by perennial droughts.

"In my manifesto, I committed to ensure West Pokot attains food security. Irrigation is crucial in achieving this. These mini irrigation projects will empower residents and diversify source of livelihood", Governor Lonyangapuo said.

Soil testing done four years ago revealed that Takaywa has high level of nutrients thus there's no need for fertiliser. Maize will be planted thrice a year since each season takes three months. Also, inter cropping will be adopted to ensure residents get a wide variety of produce.

The irrigation project is strategically placed near the border of West Pokot and Turkana counties, where there has been incessant attacks. Making the region food secure will boost security since attacks, occasioned by scramble for scarce resources, will minimise.
Residents were elated by the county government's move to initiate irrigation, terming it a huge success in the fight against hunger.